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2019 Quilt

We have a BEAUTIFUL FULL Size Bed Quilt!

Do you love to share the art of tatting?

Donate TODAY, $5 or more, and it goes directly to our
Tat Days Scholarship Fund that enables you to assist someone to learn tatting from some AMAZING teachers!

AND, you are entered into the drawing for this GORGEOUS Quilt!

(SHARE with FRIENDS, too.)

ENJOY the pictures! (Thanks Erin and Raymond!)

We will ship anyway (except maybe to the moon) covering up to $50 in shipping costs!

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SEE WHAT YOU ARE MISSING if not attending!
Find out more here.

Submit your donations by PayPal by 6:00pm Friday night
September 6, 2019.

Drawing will be Friday night at our Tat Days Banquet.


Thank you to the many people that have contributed to this project!

And THANK YOU for supporting our scholarship fund.

Look at all these squares before they became the 2018 and 2019 quilts.


From our 2015 Quilts.
Quilt Square Beginnings


Donations will be accepted (paypal or check) that will go directly into the Tat Days Scholarship Fund and will only be used for Tat Days Scholarships. For each $5 donation, you will be entered into the drawing 1 time. For Example: $20 enters your name 4 times into the bucket for the drawings.

Tat Days Scholarships are estimated at $260 for a 2-Day and $125 for a Partial. Thank you for your generosity!

A very special, heartfelt "Thank You" goes out to:
Georgia Seitz for all of her planning and hard work to make these scholarship projects possible!

And to Richard Seitz for all of his assistance and support!

And to Pinky and her sister for the beautiful piecing and incredible hand quilting!

And to Erin and Raymond for pictures!

And, of course, "Thank You" to ALL of the tatters!

Bless YOU!

Comments? Send to Donna at comments@tatdaysscholarship.info